February 23, 2010

Très Dope caught up with Anya Sarre, stylist to the stars, to see what she had to say about Spring fashion! Anya expressed her love for the season as she revealed her favorite trends and reminded us of why we can’t wait for Spring.

Here is what Anya had to say about the season:

“Spring is almost here and I can’t wait! Why? Because some of my favorite things are on trend for spring—turquoise jewelry, ruffles, and everything pink! Now if this sounds too girly and frilly for you, not to worry because Spring is all about the Warrior influence! Heavy metals, ripped jeans (not a fan!) and the return of the warrior. But let’s get back to the good stuff—accessories in every shade of pink possible and if you are waiting for a new Spring bag—the must have is a bright pink patent! Go for it! You can pull it off!

Now the key to rocking your pink accessories and turquoise jewelry is to pair it with white, which is everywhere for Spring! Other colors to covet are pastels like tomato, coral, lilac, and tons of yellow paired with subtle earth tones like moss and eucalyptus. Brace yourself for bold patterns and of course, what would spring be without florals? Everywhere from dresses to shoes—Spring 2010 is the year of the flower! So grab a great turquoise cocktail ring, a white ruffle front dress and your new pink tote and get ready for Spring Fever!”

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