For Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered What Is In My Bag…

April 26, 2011

What does Anya Sarre, one of the most sought after fashion stylists and one of the hardest working woman in Hollywood, carry in her luxe Chanel quilted every day bag? The POSHGLAM Award Winner for Best Fashion Stylist for TV who is best known for being the head fashion designer for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider has almost as many jobs as Ryan Seacrest. In addition to styling all the talent from both shows that make up the number 1 most watched entertainment news hour in the world and many of their celebrity guests, Sarre also runs her own company, STYLED BY ANYA, INC., which has an impressive roster of clients (which she keeps private but an “insider” gave us some hints), is the Chief accessories and handbag stylist for Kim Kardashian’s shoe company, Shoe Dazzle, serves as a contributing editor to many widely circulated publications including Inside Weddings, teaches a course on styling at FIDM, serves on the board of numerous charities and is always in the middle of planning a seated dinner, birthday party and bridal or baby shower. She’s one busy woman …So all of the necessary essentials for a glamorous gal on the go, of course.

1. iPad with Tory Burch case- “I got an iPad because I loved this Tory Burch iPad cover. I had the cover first, the iPod second. I use it to look at photos, inspiration, projects I am working on and, of course, check my Facebook and Twitter (Facebook: Anya Sarre, Twitter: @StylistAnya).”

2. Car keys with Louis Vuitton key ring- “My rover is my third office.”

3. Chanel ballet flats- “I am usually running around in sky high heels, but when I am driving from place to place I’ll give my feet a break and put on my Chanel ballet flats.”

4. Blackberry– “I feel naked without it. “

5. Cell phone- “I call this the bat phone because only my VIPs have this number.”

6. Louis Vuitton World Traveler Organizer- “Even with my iPad and Blackberry; I am still an old fashioned girl who likes to write down my appointments.”

7. FLipCam“You never know when there is going to be a moment you want to catch on camera.”

8. DuWop “Crush” eye shadow- “I always get compliments when I have this one. It is the perfect shad of gold.”

9. “Anya Sarre for ShoeDazzle” Necklace- “This is a sample from my new jewelry line for launching in June. I named this piece “Resort Chic.” I was wearing it at a photoshoot with Kim Kardashian last week and she loved it, so I gave it to her. I keep it in my purse for an instant day to night transformation and the color makes me feel like I am in Santorini.”

10. Louis Vuitton wallet- “I need a wallet with a zipper for all my receipts. I save all my receipts form everything I’ve ever bought.”

11. Almonds- “Perfect for the girl on the go who doesn’t have time to stop and eat lunch.”

12. Aziam yoga pants- “Got to keep these with me because I never know when I am going to run in and do a quick pilates session.”

13. Kajal Eyeliner- “This is the best eyeliner for a great smoky eye and it is chemical free.”

14. Sheswai lacquer- “I love this natural nail polish because it doesn’t have formaldehyde or dbp in it. I always carry it with me incase I have time for a quick pedi.”

15. Lavanilla roll on perfume-  “I love anything vanilla, especially natural products.”

16. Oliver Peoples sunglasses- “These are my favorite sunglasses, hands down. I have them in every color….great for the days you have no make-up on.”

17. Vivienne Tam For Monster Headphones– “Yes, of course, they have to be designer.“


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