Guess what time it is??

March 20, 2010

It’s that time of year- time for SPRING CLOSET CLEANING!

I am in a major Spring cleaning mode- from my office, to my closet, to my beauty products- and I wanted to share some of my secret spring cleaning style tips with you:

1) COMMIT- commit to a full day, or weekend to get your closet done (yes, I did mine too and it was a huge project!)

2) FOCUS on the goal which is getting rid of the clutter and junk- don’t let yourself buy anything new until you clean out the old stuff

3) STICK TO THE RULES- if you have not worn something in the past six months, you are probably not going to wear it in the next six months- specialty items like jackets, gowns, special occasion aside- ask yourself if you would be sad, or even notice if this item was not in your closet.

4) RE-USE, RE-INVENT, RE-CYCLE- there are so many ways to re-invent what you already have-try altering a long dress into a short dress, try changing the buttons on a blouse or jacket to give it a whole new look, try accessorizing a plain shirt with a spring printed scarf or statement necklace

5) SELL, SHARE, SOCAILIZE – So once you have this pile of clothes and shoes that you have made peace with letting go of-what do you do with it? You have 3 choices:* SHARE- donate your clothes to your favorite local charity. You will make someone’s day and be able to give back at the same time!* SELL- you can sell your clothes at a consigment shop, ebay, or used clothing store like Buffalo Exchange or Wasteland. Make sure your clothes are in perfect condition to ensure the most return. Anything with a tag still on it is worth more!* SOCIALIZE- organize a “trade party” with a bunch of your most fashionable friends and have everyone bring items from their closet they want to trade. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure!
Take advantage of your Spring Fever and Clean, Organize, and de-clutter!

if you do this now, you will make room for all the fun, fabulous Spring Trends! Good
Luck and Have Fun!

xx anya

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