Anya’s Favorite Things

June 8, 2010

These are some of the items you simply must have!

Karma Yoga Pants by Aziam

The Bra-Cha-Cha by Spanx

Custom Stationary from Hello! Lucky

Chanel Diaper Bag

Chanel Diaper Bag

The Christian Louboutin Boutique on Robertson Blvd

Gerard Yosca Earrings
Gerard Yosca Earrings

Helen Ficalora charms
Helen Ficalora charms

Lacoste Polos
Lacoste Polos

LOUBOUTIN HEELS WITH BOWS- I love anything with a red sole and a bow!

Vanilla Peppermint non fatte ice belended from coffee bean- normally
they only have the peppermint around holiday time, but sometimes you can
find a CB that still has it!

OPI Nail Polish. Color: “Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ” great for fall. For Winter I
love OPI “Borris and Natasha” and for a sweet or mellow nail I go with a
combo I made up: ESSIE “Wool” first and “Mademoiselle” on top.

Scott Barnes Body Bling- great for an instant glow! Do not leave home
without it!

TEYMARA ANTONIO-WRIGHT- if you don’t know who she is- you should!

EMILY GRIFFIN BOOKS- can’t wait for the next book to come out!

CALIPARTYBUS- The only way to arrive in style in California.

DIOR SHOW- Hands down the best mascara (trust me, I have tried them all!)

DOMENICO VACCA SHIRTS- The most amazing mens clothing! Great shirts!

BLUEBERRIES- they are a superfood, easy to eat on the go, and one of my

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